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Atria brings together scientists, researchers, and doctors to translate science into clinical practice in real time.

The Atria Institute
The Atria Institute

We're shifting the medical paradigm from reactive sick care to personalized, proactive, preventive care that fosters lifelong health and well-being.

The Atria Institute
The Atria Institute

We asked ourselves what health care would look like if it served patients first. We determined it would sit at the intersection of medicine and technology, it would be delivered in an environment designed with you in mind, and it would be proactive, dynamic, and human. We believe your care should change and improve along with advances in science.

We understand that health is more than the sum of metrics. It’s also being free from worry and uncertainty, and feeling cared for by a compassionate team of world-class experts. To that end, we will help optimize your longevity while also guiding lifestyle choices that will enable you to maximize your healthspan, increasing the length of time you’re free from serious disease.

The Atria Institute brings together a multidisciplinary team of renowned, in-house physicians to provide proactive, preventive, and personalized care. Our full-time team of cardiologists, neurologists, nutritionists, endocrinologists, primary care physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists, and more provide coordinated care led by each member’s dedicated Chief Medical Officer. We offer state-of-the-art screening on site, and have a robust network to facilitate rapid consults. We care for you and your family from the comfort of your home, at our Institute, and from anywhere in the world.

A world-class team of specialists and clinicians. A world-class team of specialists and clinicians.

David W. Dodick

Dr. David W. Dodick

Chief Science & Medical Officer, Atria; Co-Chair, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

New York / Florida

Paul G. Lee

Dr. Paul G. Lee

Co-Chair of International Executive Health; Internal Medicine

New York

Richard S. Isaacson

Dr. Richard S. Isaacson

Director of the Atria Precision Prevention Program

Florida / New York

Lawrence C. Newman

Dr. Lawrence C. Newman

Director of the Atria Brain Health Program

New York

Ken Shubin Stein

Dr. Ken Shubin Stein

Co-Founder, Atria; Co-Founder and CEO, Atria Academy of Science & Medicine

New York

Caleb Moore

Dr. Caleb Moore

Medical Director of Atria Palm Beach; Internal Medicine


Laura Balda

Dr. Laura Balda

Site Director of Atria Palm Beach; Family Medicine


Jaime Burkle

Dr. Jaime Burkle

Chair of Cardiology


Benjamin H. Lewis

Dr. Benjamin H. Lewis

Director of Research & Atria Registry; Cardiology

New York / Florida

Rony Shimony

Dr. Rony Shimony

Director of Cardiology, Atria New York; Co-Chair of International Executive Health

New York

Gabrielle Page-Wilson

Dr. Gabrielle Page-Wilson

Director of Endocrinology & Metabolic Health; Internal Medicine

New York

Jahangir Rahman

Dr. Jahangir Rahman

Internal Medicine

New York

Jennifer McGugins Hill

Dr. Jennifer McGugins Hill

Internal Medicine

New York

Edward J. Greaney

Dr. Edward J. Greaney

Internal Medicine

New York

Yadiera M. Brown

Dr. Yadiera M. Brown

Family Medicine

New York

Paul Fenyves

Dr. Paul Fenyves

Internal Medicine

New York

Daniel Yadegar

Dr. Daniel Yadegar

Internal Medicine; Cardiology


Bernard M. Kruger

Dr. Bernard M. Kruger

Internal Medicine

New York

Daniel Angerbauer

Dr. Daniel Angerbauer

Preventive Medicine

Florida / New York

Robert Kachko

Robert Kachko

Director of Integrative Health

New York

Nicholas D. Caputo

Dr. Nicholas D. Caputo

Director of Urgent & Home Care, Atria New York

New York

Alex Heromin

Dr. Alex Heromin

Director of Urgent & Home Care, Atria Palm Beach; Emergency Medicine


Evelyn C. Granieri

Dr. Evelyn C. Granieri

Director of Geriatrics

New York / Florida

Elizabeth Poynor

Dr. Elizabeth Poynor

Chair of Women’s Health & Gynecology

New York

Panta Rouhani Schaffer

Dr. Panta Rouhani Schaffer

Medical Dermatology

New York

Kyle O’Flaherty

Kyle O’Flaherty

Director of Movement

New York

Adam Ross

Adam Ross


New York

Kelly Fradin

Dr. Kelly Fradin

Chair of Pediatrics; Chair of Home Services

New York

Hina J. Talib

Dr. Hina J. Talib

Director of Adolescent Medicine; Co-Director of Pediatrics, Atria New York

New York

Cory Kercher

Dr. Cory Kercher

Director of Pediatrics, Atria New York

New York

Amish Nishawala

Dr. Amish Nishawala


New York

Kersha S. Pennicott

Dr. Kersha S. Pennicott

Pediatrics & Urgent Care

New York

Celina Moore

Dr. Celina Moore

Director of Pediatrics, Atria Palm Beach


What makes Atria unique


Extraordinary doctors, modern science

We exist to deliver healthcare as it should be. Our multidisciplinary clinical team and Academy members—consisting of more than 50 distinguished scientists, researchers, and doctors—collaborate to deliver medicine to you and your family. We diligently curate, vet, and integrate scientific breakthroughs into your Care Plan, and give you direct access to some of the country’s top doctors and specialists.

Extraordinary doctors


A collaborative approach

The Atria approach centers on coordinated care to enhance lifelong well-being and happiness. Instead of one doctor, you have a team of specialists—from neurology, endocrinology and cardiology to pediatrics, geriatrics, and urgent care—working together on your behalf.

Hands touching


A world-class team built for you

Your personal Chief Medical Officer spearheads the coordination of your care with a dedicated team of Atria doctors. Because we have leading neurologists, cardiologists, internists, pediatricians, and other specialists all under one roof, your Care Team will be tailored to your needs, and will continuously collaborate on your behalf.

A world-class team


The science & tech of tomorrow, today

The Atria Institute houses an advanced imaging center on site, with state-of-the-art heart and brain technology and cancer screening. As a member, you receive access to advanced technology, including genomics, plus real-time data and analysis.

Cutting-Edge Technology


Care for the whole family

At Atria, we provide 360° care for every family member. Your membership covers children up to the age of 22 at no additional cost. By caring for your whole family, our team has a more complete picture of your family’s health and can provide the highest quality of care possible.

Care for the whole family


24/7 medical care

Atria offers 24/7 care in the New York and Palm Beach metro areas (and in the Hamptons during the summer) for urgent or routine needs. Whether someone is sick or it’s time for a vaccine, lab draws, or infusions, we will come to your home, office, or see you at the Institute. You have a direct line to your Care Team, on-call telemedicine, nationwide Rx delivery, and support no matter where you are in the world.

24/7 care


Atria for companies

Atria caters to employers that want to promote long-term health and wellness for their teams. More than just an executive physical, the Institute provides year-round premium health care and benefits for your organization with the level of dedication and convenience that your employees deserve.

Atria for companies
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In the hearts of Manhattan and Palm Beach, the Atria Institutes house state-of-the-science testing and imaging centers, private member suites, pediatric centers, movement labs, integrated technology showcases, and more.

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